Mikhail Sukhanov

Mikhail Sukhanov, Transport & Logistics at TheXeccutives

Mikhail is our driver and courier at TheXecutives’ Moscow office. Born in Moscow in 1960, Mikhail knows the city like the back of his hand. Whether it is a complex meeting agenda or a quick time and route estimation, Mikhail is the best and never late!

Mikhail studied at Machinery Building College and later worked as a senior driver for the USSR Army in Siberia. He now lives in Moscow with his wife and two daughters. Mikhail’s job experience includes working with Foreign Ministries and expats, the BBC channel in Russia and for international film festivals. He worked at an international logistics company and currency exchange firm and was in charge of the top-management logistics, until he finally joined the Moscow team of the TheXecutives over seven years ago.

Mikhail’s core competence is transport and logistics support of the Moscow office. Apart from his profession, Mikhail loves nature and spending time with his growing family.