TheXecutives stand for delivering excellence, quality and speed in executive search, talent recruitment, and human capital matters. We pool our resources to attract and assess:

• the key executive of today
• the strategic talent of the future
• and advise on the alignment between corporate strategy and the individual’s values

Executive Search

You are looking for new member to join your senior management team?

We place the right candidate into your organization. We search the market and identify, attract and assess key performers based on your specific position requirements. Our search methodology is based on a structured, transparent and efficient research process.

We advise you on the right candidate match, in terms of functional qualifications, values, and cultural fit and support you during the contract negotiation phase.  Our executive search services stand for quality, flexibility, speed and performance.

Talent identification Programs

You are looking to strengthen your layer of high potentials, individuals with the right aptitudes and attitudes to embark on the management track?

We proactively build an external candidate pool on your behalf, we develop a candidate pipeline and are able to act quickly and on demand when the need to fill open slots arises.

We are tuned into the right networks, associations and social media platforms and are skilled at identifying and assessing potential. We match the right attitudes to your organizational culture.

Assessments and potential analysis

During any kind of change process, our objective is to provide YOU with an organizational and individual analysis of the team members.

Our assessments provide a deep insight into the drivers of the team, informal structures, strengths and weaknesses, motivations and expectations of teams and individuals.

The analysis is based on our strong core methodology but at the same time is always fully customized according to the specifics and requirements of the particular situation. We obtain most of the information through the combination of in-depth interviews, personality questionnaires combined with 360-degree feedback and market research information.

Our deliverables include recommendations related to management development measures at individual and organizational level.

In this way, we provide our clients with the set of information in guidelines needed to align the human resources to the strategic plan.