Mikhail Torchinskiy

Mikhail Torchinsky, Recruitment Projects Coordinator at TheXecutives

Mikhail is a Recruitment Projects Coordinator at TheXecutives. He was born in Podolsk, Russia in 1979.

Mikhail studied history at the Moscow Pedagogical University, and he lives in Moscow to this day with his wife and two children. Mikhail began his career in the recruitment business shortly after his graduation in 2001. Having progressed from a Recruitment Consultant position to the role of the Executive Director at the Russian recruitment company 3R, he co-founded MarksMan, the management selection firm in 2005.

Today MarksMan is a notable player in the Russian recruiting services market that successfully implemented hundreds of complex projects. MarksMan’s clients list includes major international corporations of Fortune 500 as well as the largest and most successful Russian companies. During the next nine years, Mikhail served as Managing Partner and was responsible for developing client relationships, company’s recruitment projects, marketing and staff development.

In 2014, Michael joined TheXecutives with a main goal of developing large, complex recruitment and talent acquisition projects for the company’s key partners. Mikhail is fluent in Russian and English. He is passionate about music, books and road trips and travel.